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Legal Formalities To Start a Movie Theatre in India You need the Stamp – Once you decide all the above factors, start building contacts and getting the copyrights and licences. Paperwork also includes mandatory licenses and permission from the local and state authority. For the Permanent Cinemas every application either for grant or renewal of license shall be in writing and to be submitted by the applicant to the Licensing Authority i.e Deputy Commissioner. The writing should be accompanied by – Full particulars with ownership details and cinematograph apparatus to be used. Original copy of NOC (No Objection Certificate) under sub- R(2) of R.4; Certificate from the Executive Engineer, PWD of the area that the rules relating to the structural features of the building are duly followed. Certificate from the Electricity Department of the Government that Electrical Installations conform to the required standard and under rules. Certificate from District officer or Public Health Department regarding sanitation and hygiene. A Certificate from “Approved Films Exhibition Certificate” from the Officer – in-charge of Film Division, Ministry of Information and Broadcasting Government of India for the regular supply of films during licensed period. A receipt of payment of license fee. A clearance certificate from the Superintendent of Taxes of the area concerned. Apart

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