The luxury cinema c

Luxury Cinema

The luxury cinema concept marries two ideas, that of luxury and cinema. To satisfy the wide range of premium theatre themes and designs, Seating Concepts offers many different luxury and VIP options. A luxury theater concept starts with many waiting areas designed for comfort and relaxation, outdoor with patio heat lamps, a lobby with a bar, quieter and less traffic, a sitting area with a big screen TV, cafe, restaurant, patisserie and a book shop devoted to movies. The floors are carpeted and have approximately five feet of space between seat and the seat in front. The cushion seats has an attached swivel tray, custom swivel dining tables, a cup hold nestled in the armchair, and a button that makes the seat recline and prop up the foot rest. There is also a service call button for food or beverages (alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks) delivered to your seat. Customers enjoy a unique VIP movie experience on par with the finest in-home movie theaters and lounges. In surroundings that range from a fully recliner seating, 2K/4K digital projection, finest surround sound and complete 3D capability. This combination of cinema and dining ensure luxury Movie Theater becomes a cultural and entertainment landmark which is now a trend in India. Luxury Cinemas have state of the art kitchen equipment & full bar service.

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