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Comfort & services Many single screen owners are opting to revamp their cinema halls to draw people. After people started visiting multiplexes in India, they want the same comfort everywhere while watching a movie. They look for online booking, service standard, quality food & beverage, soft cushions, comfortable chairs, air condition, and many more things. There are a lot of companies that are offering multiplex franchise in India to give the required boost to the business. Most importantly if single screen cinemas are well maintained, everyone will look forward to watch movies there. Scope Convert single screen Movie Theater into multiplex or upgrade existing single screen theater as per today's standard in India. Downfall of Single screen -- Multiplex Franchise Most single screens have more than 700 seats but only few seats get occupied. They hardly to do any business since their cinemas are not getting any audience due to which most of time they have to cancel the shows. There are many reasons for the downfall of old cinema halls in India such as Entertainment tax policy, competition from multiplex, high maintenance cost, lack of quality films, low quality facilities, low ticket price, lack of educated staff, missing family environment etc. Earlier, women's share of the audience used to be almost 90%, which has drastically come down to just 10% now. Benefits As far as single screen is concerned only one movie can be shown with 4 shows in a day but today one movie is being shown in the multiplex cinemas which makes about more than 10 shows in a day of the movie, which gives an option to Movie viewers to choose time and seat according to their convenience. It can also stop Piracy which not only affects single screens but also multiplexes. Open New Movie Theater 5D/6D/7D Theater Luxury Cinema Theater Management Mall/Shopping Complex Write us...

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