Acoustic TheoryMany people have had the experience of sitting in the back of a large auditorium and being able to hear what is spoken on stage even when there is little, if any, sound amplification. Others have been in much smaller spaces, seated mu

Do I need to hire consultant to build Movie Theater?There are many departments involved to start a Movie Theatre and that requires expertise. Consultant will provide you one stop solution for complete project which will e

OUR WORK METHODOLOGY This process at Archidea Solutions allows for the Project Design Team to expand or reduce as per the need of the projects and as necessary. At Archidea Solutions each Project Design Team is required to regularly review the pro

What is the cost of building a movie Theater?The cost for establishing a standard mini cinema theater or miniplex ( two screen having 120 seats each) in India with a good interiors and ambient place will be approx 1.5 cr including civil and electric

Build A Miniplex:Arch idea solution is one of fast growing entertainment industry tool/ medium for delivering latest movies to urban and middle tier (Tahsil level) cities with estimated population below 5Lakhs. Key advantages of setting up a minipl

India's Film Industry -- A $10 Billion Business Trapped In A $2 Billion BodyIndia has the largest democracy in the world. A huge and fast growing middle class. It makes more movies than any other country, 1, 500 to 2, 000 annually. And its people a

How to open a Miniplex...Basic Requirements- A miniplex or small cinema hall can be easily be set up in any existing mall or commercial building, provided the following requirements are met:• Carpet Area – 4500 sq. ft. or above (Column Less Struct

SERVICESAll Licenses and paper work for starting Cinema, will be taken care of by us.Arch idea solution will provide all the architectural designs for the project.The project can be approved by leading banks and financial institutionswe provide

Cinema Food Court (Concessions) and other sources in Cinema BusinessI have a friend that manages a movie theater. He says he manages an “air conditioned popcorn and cold drinks parlor that plays movies in the background."There are a couple thing

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