Legal Formalities To Start a Movie Theatre in IndiaYou need the Stamp – Once you decide all the above factors, start building contacts and getting the copyrights and licences. Paperwork also includes mandatory licenses and permission from the local

1. Process for starting a Movie Hall in India 2. Rules and Regulations to start a Movie Hall in India 3. Business Scope of Movie Theatre in India 4. Investment Required for Movie Theatre opening in India 5. Franchise opportunities Film Theatre

How do I open my own multiplex in my city for cinema? How much will it cost me ? Is it profitable to open multiplex?Your questions has 3 parts How, Cost and profits.I'm gonna answer the cost and profits part, if you are interested in how we can do

How to Start a Movie Theater in India | Rules – Regulations & BusinessResearch is the stepping stone – In order to start any business venture, it is important to do thorough research, understand and plan keeping the lifestyle of the local people in

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